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Our Journey Through Time and Existence

3Rd and Revised Edition

Helmut Schwab

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Philosophie


What can this book bring you? You are invited to participate in a journey of the mind through time in a rising arch from the dawn of our cosmic origin, through natural evolution to an analysis of the capabilities of the human mind. A discussion follows of the meaning or direction to pursue on the path of our life, through coping or toward fulfillment until we reach the dusk of ultimate fading and death. At the end follows an outlook into the future, discussing the fundamental risks and opportunities for mankind. The eight chapters of this book present the authors Essential Writings as condensed from 33 of his articles published on his website The author, with MS degrees in physics and electronics, worked in the aero-space and high-tech industries, continued research as auditor at Princeton University, pursued philosophy and theology, and wrote with sincere empathy for all the searching and suffering individuals he encountered, but also with a practical mind. Become enriched by this deeper understanding of our existence, nature, and our path through life which may simply entertain you or give you peace in daily turmoil and strength to act as your own journey and values demand.