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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Is it fiction? Non-fiction? Seventeen years later and I still dont know. Psychomachia is an act of confession and penance. Jump in and discover the story of a twenty-something fundamentalist preacher with delusions of grandeur--a real misfit searching for a place to call home. Follow him into the U.S. Army where he hopes to become a well-remembered hero to folks back home. Listen in as his mind turns violently against him, and his number one enemy becomes The Brain. Observe as he is rescued from death by a hallucinatory pop singer. Sit with him in the crazy person hospital as he searches for answers to the mess that was once his life. It is a somewhat true story that is stranger than fiction. I ought to know. Its based on my life, and it is my effort to come to terms with my own walk down crazy lane.

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