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Dangerous Expectations

A Gothic Mystery in the Tradition of Holt and Whitney

B. J. Conner

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


For Reece Hensley, the extraordinary Barclay Manor was somewhere she would never be welcomed. However for her sister Olivia, it was a fantasy kingdom, where their beautiful Aunt Norah had married her prince, Garrett Barclay, and went there to live only to disappear. Reece accepted their fathers explanation, that Norah had taken money from Garretts account and ran away with a lover. Olivia was not so easily persuaded. The narcissistic Norah had wanted nothing more than to become a Barclay and Olivia would not believe she would ever deviate from that dream. Norah had not contacted her family for four years after she married Garrett even though they lived only few miles from Barclay. It was no surprise to the Hensleys because Norahs expectations did not included her brother or her nieces. When Reece and Olivia happen to meet Garretts dashing brother, Nicolas, in the valley between their homes, the sisters become involved with the Barclay family, only to be drawn into love, intrigue, deceit and danger.

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