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To End All War

A Historical Novel

Nicholas Lambros

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Belletristik / Hauptwerk vor 1945


It is 1916 and twenty-six-year-old John Morris cannot ignore the Great War anymore. Despite his fathers objections and the fact that America has not even entered the war yet, John leaves Maryland for France where he hopes to fulfill his mission of becoming a flyer in the Lafayette Escadrille. He leaves behind not only his parents, but also his surgeon brother, Michael, and sister, Catherine, who are quietly nurturing their own dreams to play a part in the war. Over two years later, Johns father is dead, his mother is in Arizona, and Michael and Catherine are heading to New York. Michael is soon assigned to an aid station in France while Catherine translates French documents for the State Department. But after she is supposedly sent to Paris to work at the United States Embassy, Catherine is made a counterspy in a French town near the Swiss border. As John, Michael, and Catherine each do their best to help in a war that stretches from the skies to the Western Front, none of them realize that only two of them will return home. In this historical novel, three young Americans drawn into the Great War bravely battle seemingly insurmountable challenges while attempting to survive loss, find love, and pursue their dreams.

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