Intentional Play

A Practical Guide to Internalizing and Implementing Communication Concepts

Sheila Peters

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Intentional Play embraces a specific way of processing communication dynamics through a gaming tool, and it will help you communicate better with colleagues, friends, and even strangers. Framed around basic communication concepts, the game shows you how youre communicating, what youre doing, why youre doing itand most importantlyhow to make better choices to improve outcomes for yourself and others. Annie Werner, a corporate trainer, says the book places the reader into real-world scenarios that force an individual to critically think, How would I honestly handle that situation? Am I effectively communicating? Whats great is that the reader realizes, I could be better. Some people love the game, but others are afraid of it or avoid itbut they do so at their own peril as it challenges participants to navigate complicated human dynamics and preserve communication integrity. Youre not just thrown into the game: Youll learn the underlying concepts that will help you master it card by card. From there, its up to you to apply what youve learned to communicate better and strengthen relationships by engaging in Intentional Play in everyday life.

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