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Look into Me

Brenda K. O'Bella

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


Brenda K. OBella never allowed herself to cry as a child, despite her continual struggles dealing with her emotionally distant and verbally abusive father. Lacking in confidence, Brenda had no idea how to find her place in the world. In her story of love lost and found again, Brenda shares a poignant look into her coming-of-age journey and beyond as she became a young wife and mother who found herself easily angered, anxious, and immersed in self-destructive behaviors. Feeling hopeless and broken, Brenda could not stop crying and was led to make decisions she would later come to regret. Brenda details how she eventually realizedwith help from a professionalthat her childhood pain had followed her into adulthood, leaving her no choice but to forgive her father and make peace with him. As she quietly began to chronicle her powerful story, Brenda set the truth free, overcame her shame, found faith, and became empowered to realize her purpose in life. Look into Me is the true story of a womans emotional journey as she bravely soared through her pain to find the true meaning of life.

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