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Jesse's Escape

R.J. Young

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Jesse Baker, 16, fights for control of his life and his sanity in Jesses Escape. The first in a series of two young adult novels. Beaten and abused by his alcoholic, drug crazed father, Jesse first turns to alcohol and pot to cope. As things grow more violent at home a buddy offers him a taste of heroin. Soon his life begins to spiral out of control. After a tragic event he finds the courage to leave and seek out his mother whos been dead to him for over 12 years. Through his turmoils he grows in spirit and finds the strength to fight the demons that plague his life. I'm confident that Jesse's story will tug at your heart as you travel with him on his journey to freedom, and the discovery of what life has to offer if he keeps his faith and doesnt lose hope.

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