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Hardcore “Iron Mike”

Conqueror of Iwo Jima

Gregg Stoner

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


When Sergeant Major Iron Mike D. Mervosh enters a room, he instantly becomes the center of attention as younger Marines crowd around him to listen to his stories and have their photos taken with him. He is an icon Marine who served thirty-five years in the Marine Corps and ultimately became the most senior enlisted man in all the armed services. In Hardcore Iron Mike, author Gregg Stoner tells Iron Mikes story, the story of an Iwo Jima conqueror. A combination of anecdotes gained from interviews of Iron Mike and commentary and background information from Stoner, this memoir tells about Iron Mikes early years growing up in Pittsburgh in the Great Depression and how he decided to join the Marine Corps when the Japanese invaded Pearl Harbor. It shares the highlights of the storied Marines combat years where he served in three wars. Including a collection of letters and stories by various Marine comrades, Hardcore Iron Mike narrates the story of a man who served his fellow soldiers and his country with bravery, valor, and pride.

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