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Singing in the Life Boats

Some Poems, Rambles, and Rants…And a Few Lyrics

Jerry Lagadec

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


Singing in the Lifeboats expresses my views on aging, environmental concerns, religion and a variety of other themes. The one common thread throughout is the task we have for creating the meaning and purpose in our lives. Ive included what I call rambles short philosophoical observations. In addition Ive indulged myself in rants - full throttle screeds on subjects that really annoy me, particularly the arrogance and smugness of true believers. In addition, there is a section of some of my song lyrics with the website where songs can be sampled and downloaded. Id like to think that what Ive written is accessible to most readers; the testimonies on the front of the book prove that.

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