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All in Awe!

William E. Gray

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Billy, it is the best book I have read inspiring the reading of scriptures. Everyone in the world should read your book. I see All in Awe! as the one and only book of its kind anywhere, anytime Steve J. Eichberg, attorney at law, Westlake Village, California. Yes I am glowing with happiness, good health. I love everything and everyone. My secret is out! I love myself because my God and I are one. This awesome book and CD will change your negative life into a positive life. The word abides in me Sandy Weaver, housewife, Columbus, Ohio. William, please dont take this wrong. Your book puts me to sleep. And if youd been an insomniac for fifty-four years of your life, this is like mega from heaven Cherie Shay Ballard, daughter of Dr. William Ballard, MD, Hidden Hills, California. Unfortunately, Shay passed away about four years ago. Yes, I did read your book All in Awe!, and yes, it was in prison where your book found me! That book had inspired me so greatly I found myself reading it over and over again, Mr Gray. Im a big man and a tough man at that. But the truth is, I could only read it while being alone because, without fail, every time I cried like a baby. Now a big tough guy in prison cant be seen crying, can he? Many times while reading your God-inspired book, I felt the spirit of God so strong I think I could have actually heal the sick or raise the dead by the laying on of hands Pete Swartz, entrepreneur, Lancaster, Ohio. Billy, thank you for coming today and leading Dr. Hejny and me in such a beautiful meditation! It was also great to see you today! The things I have noticed more after our sessions with you are always I am in a more relaxed loving state of bliss for the rest of the day! And we always have four or five more people call into the office for an appointment Tiffany Atkinson, Truckee, California.

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