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The Kiss of King Kong

Jery Tillotson

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


The male hustler who became a superstar...the blonde dancer who dazzled Hollywood as its greatest drag queen...the stunning Adonis who became a stag film stud...they're all stars of Jason Fury's sweeping novel of old gay Hollywood...The Kiss of King Kong! Set against the actual productions of such classics as King Kong, Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind, three gay men struggle to become part of that magical circle of immortal stars like Clark Gable, Garbo, Davis and Crawford. Only one succeeds--and ends up the worst of all of Hollywood's tragedies. In l929, MGM didn't know what to do with a man as big and handsome as Mack Johnson. So they tossed him out on his can and he became a star of stag films. Moguls were appalled to see a man as swish and beautiful as Sunny St. James. They kicked him out, too, and he became the greatest of the Drag Queens. The Big Shots were thrilled with adorable, boyish Eddie Bostic. He became the 'new' Clark Gable-and then scandalized the film colony with his orgies starring a cast of boy toys. All three actors nearly star in Gone With the Wind until tragedy strikes. They're all here in Jason Fury's powerful panorama of old gay Hollywood -- The Kiss of King Kong!

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