Miguel Jadis

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Sachbuch / Religion: Allgemeines, Nachschlagewerke


This amazing book contains the bad behaviors among human beings that are against the transcendental requirements of the Master. Considering the manner that they have been created, they should be able to maintain their intimacy with the great Creator and their own kind. The worldview depicts that humanity functions under two distinctive powers. More than three quarters of the human race is usurped by devil, and the minority is being led by the Master of the universe.The living God reserves the great and final punishment to that particular category of people in the terrestrial sphere; in order to get back on track, he reminds them of the possible path to escape from the kingdom of usurper satan by transforming their bad attitudes to good ones. To get an effective revolution: there should be no double - minded among the revolutionists in order to maintain the conquest. Remember that everyone is entitled to use his power as the specific weapon to constantly triumph ; so, be ready to get back to the purpose of being created by removing satan from the podium!Indeed, human beings have to tear down two different kinds of walls: the one with their own kind and another with the Master of the cosmological facts. Henceforth, let's move on!