Eden Redux

The Brave New World

Nicolai Andreyevich

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Belletristik / Fantasy


Adam and Kay White are carriers of The One Virus, a genetic fountain of youth. They have made billions of dollars disseminating the virus, which is sexually transmitted, to the rich and famous. Now they are being studied by scientists and doctors at the NIH to see what makes them special. Their Carrier state is different from those who simply receive a single Gift of the viral infection. They were inseminated by The One himself and thus are filled with a limitless self replenishing source of the virus to repair their DNA, cure all disease, detoxify any drug or poison, maintain eternal youth and give them immortality, barring some catastrophic injury. After they run the painful gauntlet at the NIH, they return to their home, and the first home of The One, Aruba. There they are informed that The One, who has been in Jerusalem building the third temple, his new residence, wants to create 12 truly immortal creatures he calls Disciples, who will share in his power and will be able to create carriers. The One wants 144,000 carriers. They will be distributed throughout the remaining populated world- in The Creation of Adam, an asteroid hit China on Christmas Day, 2012, creating a toxic cloud of dust that killed off most of the population of equatorial earth. By absorbing the wealth of the world through The Gift of Life, financial control of the world will be achieved. All thats left is political control and The One will have brought the world to its knees without firing a shot.

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Nicolai Andreyevich
Nicolai Andreyevich
Nicolai Andreyevich
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