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Design Yourself and Upgrade Your Husband

Tribute to Women

Dr. Alain

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


You will find in this book a style of multiple, conversation between two characters and other non-listed, opinions and counselling that can help troughout your life, but the most active is between Alain and Mulier. Here, I would like to show from different and true experiences how to understand and handle challenges in romantic life. Indeed, Mulier illustrates different experiences of her life in various forms since the age of 16-69 years, and about her puberty, her privacy, romantic relationships, and other subjects such as, menstruation, ovulation, pregnancy and its signs, pregnancy under parents home, abortion, unexpected pregnancy, care of my pregnant wife, happiness and success a marriage, qualities for man and woman, to attract a men, meet a fianc, marriage, future husband, challenges in the marriage, same-sex marriage, Jealousy, working with your partner, children, partners forgiveness, love, solve problems, Sex problem, HIV and sex, porn movies, husband and masturbation, relationships, extra-marital relationship, unfaithful partner, husband's chronic illness, married to a doctor, inter-racial marriage, disappointment, change after marriage, unhappily married, divorce, pedophylia, virginity and Wedding etc At each conversation Mulier benefited from various opinions, the most contributive are carried out by Alain..