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The Crimson Rain Report

Samuel L Henton

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Ethan Bar-Lev, Brodie Saunders and Harshul Khanna, we are the three of the most unlikely names to ever make a difference. My friend Brodie wanted me to turn to God. My other friend Harshul wanted me to turn to drugs. I doubt Ill find my answers in religion or intoxication. We are not a unified civilization. You are one or the other, a drug pusher or a religious preacher, and they despise one another. When emotions have effect on the flesh, it's a tough life. I have my scars, badges of weakness. My nose rains crimson and my eye sockets swell when I become overwhelmed with sadness or other dark feelings. People use drugs to protect them from themselves. It's not hard. Drugs are legal. Or should I say, they might as well be as it's bootlegged in broad day light, sold in the streets, law enforcement turn a blind eye, what else was the government supposed to do? You know its amazing how people still hurt the people they love, even when they can see the damage they do I caught my fiance cheating on me, whilst I was holding a piece of her decorative ornamental bamboo, I should have weaponized it, beaten the unfaithfulness out of her. But I didn't. I soon find myself in the Catacombs, an island set up during the prohibition for soldiers to blow off steam. Now a mysterious celebrity hotspot, I end up there, mourning the loss of my unfaithful wife to be. They say it's heaven on earth, but before I know it I'm swept away into a place outside of society, outside of sanity. Into the world of Crow I fall, the man who crafted heaven on earth, to lure her, to lure her to him.

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