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Well Worth Waiting For

An Adoptees Story.

John Sheen

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John Sheen, the author of this book, was told, aged nine, that his parents were dead. It was then, having found them alive and well, that he was told that he had been adopted. This is his story, and how he came to find his birth family after sixty four years. It gives an insight of the adoption process in the 1940s through the documents and letters discovered. Highly emotional at times, but laced with humour, this story will be of interest to both adopted and adopters. Having spent his working life as a boat builder, John Sheen is now retired, and still lives, with his wife, on the Isle of Wight, to where he was adopted. In the last few years his sight has been fully restored by two cornea transplants. He has three sons, eight grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. He also has a family that he knew nothing about until he was sixty four years old.

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