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Capture the Magic

Train Your Eye, Improve Your Photographic Composition

Jack Dykinga

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In Capture the Magic: Train Your Eye, Improve Your Photographic Composition, author Jack Dykinga uses a structured approach to teach the art of creating interesting, well-composed images. 

This book provides solutions to problems that often get in the way of producing great photographs and emphasizes the importance of training the eye to exclude the extraneous. Examples of strong images are juxtaposed against flawed images, illustrating how to create a successful composition. Topics covered include light and shadow, lens choice, framing, negative space, and many more.

In this book, author Jack Dykinga encourages us to look at photography as a way to communicate. Dykinga says, "Photography is a marvelous language that crosses linguistic borders as a universal, powerful, and direct communication. As photographers, we see something we find interesting and simply want to share it." Readers will learn new ways to create interesting and powerful compositions that communicate their intended messages.

Filled with beautiful color images throughout, the book is sure to inspire, teach, and motivate photographers of all levels.

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