Softball Pitching Edge

Cheri Kempf

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Heralded as ';a must-have' and ';the best guide on the subject,' The Softball Pitching Edge has long established itself as the go-to resource for pitchers and coaches alike. Now updated and enhanced, this e-book raises the bar for pitching instruction. This enhanced e-book with video offers an in-depth look into the art and science of softball pitching. Cheri Kempf, widely recognized as one of the best softball pitching coaches in the United States, helps you develop elite-level fastpitch skills through drills and expert technical advice. The 77 video clips throughout this enhanced e-book will help you develop the skills to become a dominant pitcher. Kempf breaks down the fundamental mechanics and details common mistakes to help you develop proper pitching mechanics. She offers specific instructions for developing the drop, change-up, rise, curve, and screwball. The Softball Pitching Edge: Enhanced Edition shows the correct way to deliver the ball from the rubber to the plate to maximize effectiveness and minimize the risk of injury. It dissects the pitching motion through video demonstrations, photos, and illustrations of the correct mechanics and explains how to master those mechanics so that you can throw with greater control and speed. The Softball Pitching Edge: Enhanced Edition presents the best information from a top-tier coach to help you master pitching. Use this enhanced e-book to improve your technique and add new pitches to your arsenal for more strikeouts and greater success on the mound.