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Haunted New Mexico

Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Land of Enchantment

Christine M. Rogel

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There is a mystical quality to the land and sky in New Mexico. Places with long histories, such as New Mexico, breed superstition, carrying the memories, stories, and beliefs of those who have passed before. The state is such a notoriously superstitious place that real estate agencies post notices about whether a house is “truly” haunted, with pseudo-legal discussions about the need to disclose this information publicly. There is a haunted State Monument in Lincoln County, and a lovelorn ghost wanders through one of the state’s national parks. There are ghosts who are friendly and fearsome. Stories that have become fables, and others that are fully believed. Haunted New Mexico will occasionally ask you to suspend belief, showing those cracks between what is real and imagined.

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