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Will the Circle Be Unbroken

The Making of a Landmark Album, 50th Anniversary

John McEuen

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The 1971 collaboration of legendary Nashville bluegrass musicians and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, a Southern California country-rock-jug group, was the genesis of Will the Circle Be Unbroken, which Rolling Stone magazine would declare "the most important album to come out of Nashville." In this definitive, beautifully illustrated book, McEuen gives an inside look at the making of a landmark album, covering each of its thirty-eight songs and sharing previously unseen photographs taken by the author and his brother Bill McEuen, who produced the recording.

The story of the album begins after the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's cover of "Mr. Bojangles" became a surprise hit, when McEuen invited Earl Scruggs to join the band on a new project. Scruggs said yes—as did Doc Watson, Merle Travis, Jimmy Martin, Vassar Clements, Roy Acuff, Mother Maybelle Carter, and other country stars. For six days in the summer of 1971, the musicians sat in a circle facing one another, recording country and bluegrass standards in East Nashville's Woodland Studios. Out of that magical collaboration came one of the most iconic albums in American history, one that melded musical worlds, bridged generations, and captured the essence of Americana. Now, after fifty years, John McEuen invites readers to join him in the circle, hear the stories, and listen to the music.


—Dan O'Leary, bookseller</span></p>
<p><span>NetGalley Review: 4 stars</span></p> <p><span>Last updated on 14 Apr 2022</span></p> <p></p> <p><span>"</span><span>My thanks to both NetGalley and the publisher Rowman &amp; Littlefield for an advanced copy of this new musical history on the making of a classic album. </span></p> <p></p> <p><span>Rock and popular music was going through some real birth pangs at the beginning of the 1970s. The Beatles had imploded, Manson was a scary recent memory, corporations were starting to look at record labels as places that minted money, and the music itself was in flux. A peaceful easy feeling was beginning to make strides in the California scene, and a lot of the kids and musicians were discovering or rediscovering country. In this atmosphere a young up and coming band, met up with a master of bluegrass. Compliments were made, plans discussed, and a classic album was set on the path of creation. Will the Circle Be Unbroken: The Making of a Landmark Album, 50th Anniversary is a telling of the music sessions and history of the making of said album written by multi- instrumentalist and member of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band John McEuen, with photos by Bill McEuen. </span></p> <p></p> <p><span>The book begins at the beginning of the band, telling of the various members, their musical apprentices, influences and highlights. The success of their album Uncle Charlie &amp; His Dog Teddy gave them a wider audience, and let to a meeting one night with banjo maestro Earl Scruggs. Known for his three finger style of playing banjo, Scrugs had been in many bands and was a huge influence on many that followed. Praise was passed, idle plans to record were made and from there the sessions grew. In addition to the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Earl Scruggs, other musicians include Doc Watson, Merle Travs, Vasser Clements and an additional who's who of musicians. The album was recorded quickly, in only six days with songs done in only one of two takes. A three- set album was released and the rest is music history.</span></p> <p></p> <p><span>The book is a narrative history, with many pictures about the early days of the band, the players and sessions. There are plenty of behind the scene stories, jokes, tricks and fun little asides, that really make the book come alive. I enjoyed reading the book as I listened to the album, imagining what he sessions must have been like. There is a bit of repetition in the stories, some stories get told a lot, but if everyone is repeating it, well the story must be worth it. The writing is good, and the stories are fun and informative, not too much about the gear, though there are stories about guitars and instruments, but more about learning these songs from people the band respected, and the awe they felt most of the time playing. </span></p> <p></p> <p><span>A fascinating book about an album that well didn't make bluegrass cool, but brought it more into the stage lights. Music ebbs and flows, this one just caught the wave right Recommended for fans of the band, bluegrass and country music, and for people who like to read books about creativity and never being old enough to learn, and listening to those who have gone before and learning their lessons.</span><a></a><span>"
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