Moving Pictures

How Rush Created Progressive Hard Rock's Greatest Record

Will Romano

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Theres nothing like it in the Rush catalogor, indeed, in the entire prog-rock canon. Stylistically expansive and intellectually ambitious, 1981s Moving Pictures was a landmark release, one that helped define the progressive genre and that ensured Rushs place in the rock pantheon. In this definitive account of the albums creation and legacy, author Will Romano explores the rare alchemy behind a record that continues to inspire musicians and listeners even today.While Permanent Waves and Hemispheres were important releases in Rushs evolution as a band, Moving Pictures marked a turning point for the Canadian trio in more ways than one. It was not only a creative triumph but a commercial one, with sales and airplay that blasted them into the stratosphere of rock stardom. Beyond the individual power of its seven songs, however, the key to its lasting significance is the distinctive overarching vision that Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart brought to the album. As Romano shows, Moving Pictures reconciled opposing creative sensibilities to a remarkable degree, giving the record real thematic depth while at the same time rendering it the very antithesis of a concept album. Each track was carefully layered with cinematic and multisensory meaning, paradoxically using music to evoke experiences beyond the strictly aural.Consistently insightful and frequently surprising, this book is filled with behind-the-scenes details based on new research and interviews, and it guides readers through the albums dizzying array of allusions and inspirations. Newbies and fervent Rush fans alike will find this an illuminating exploration of one of the bands most enduring achievements.

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