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Quantum Leap

Olusesan Odetunde

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


A young man, frustrated with life in Lagos, is en route for London. He leaves behind his elderly father, his stunningly pretty wife, whose advice he is ignoring, and two innocent sons. Life in London starts rough for Olubanji Adubuleja. There is no surprise about that. The rough gets rougher work exploitation, injury at work, road traffic accidents, the deaths of his father and wife, an emotional breakdown that is badly managed by hospital staff. Banji hits rock bottom. Step in, benefactors: the hard-working, soft-hearted Goriola, the minicab driver; diminutive Olayiwola Harper with grandiose ideas backed up with bombastic words and an acutely legally aware mind. Layi is an atheist and die-hard bachelor, but he is the very epitome of altruism; Emperor Adeola Adeoti, the lion that rarely roars; Larry Herlihy, the Englishman that speaks Yoruba like a Lagosian and does business like pro; Iyabo, the Nefertiti, Banjis second wife. All help Banji make Maslow-like quantum leaps, from the need to satisfy basic needs to self-actualisation. Banji returns to Nigeria. His goal? To use his now considerable resources to help his deprived and marginalised Yewa kinsfolk, inhabiting the western corner of Ogun State of Nigeria enjoy a better life.

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