From Dilemma to New Dimensions

A Four-Week Devotional for Change

Marian Bellamy Gibbons

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Sachbuch / Religion: Allgemeines, Nachschlagewerke


D-day is when you wake up and realize that your life is stuck in the middle of a serious dilemma and you need to move out! Living beneath your God-given potential and aspirations is the season when the sleeping leader within must be awakened to take the steps necessary to confront challenging issues of life and overcome them all. From Dilemma to a New Dimension is a four-week devotional that introduces the struggles of a historic character named Richard Allen to help inspire readers to develop and increase their leadership potential to change livesfor the better. Through learning of the many severe struggles and victories of Bishop Richard Allen, founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, certain aspects of spiritual fortitude can be identified by each reader to strengthen their walk with God and arrive at their destined place of promise. The brief episodes in the life of Allen help highlight the same struggles people face every day right now. The same Lord and Creator stands ready to heal, restore, and equip believers with the faith and personal stamina to move beyond the chaotic dilemmas of life to enjoy victory by creating a new-dimensional lifestyle of service and spiritual prosperity. Each meditational moment provides readers with scriptures, interesting stories related to Allens history, an insightful response, and a creative space for the reader to interject thoughts of their own.

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