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Kingdom Preparation

Shakeno Johnson

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


This book, although all will find it interesting to read, is not intended for the Deep and spiritually rooted Christian. But rather for those young believers to the faith of Christ Jesus, giving simplicity to the word of God and His kingdom existence. This short book is to capture the attention of the less attentive reader, who often times get side track while reading long drawn out books.You will find an interesting revelation on the kingdom of God and His Principles, Laws and Standards that governs His Domain. In my book, I seek to bring a graphic image to the reader and give insights on how we are to relate and represent God's kingdom to this new generation. Certainly the world has changed but the structure of God's kingdom has not and will not change but we must Re-Think, Re-Introduce and Re-Educate about His kingdom. In this book, you will learn about three kingdoms, God's kingdom, the Earthly kingdom and the Animal's kingdom, linking how they are in like similarities in structure.I hope by reading this book, you can learn how to apply the Principles and Standards of the kingdom of God to your lives and begin to live life in excellence, while Glorifying God. Remember Kingdom Preparation is designed to prepare YOU for God's kingdom, by teaching you how to live everyday holy and righteous.