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Hide and Sneak

G. A. McKevett

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


The search for a movie star’s missing family puts California’s plus-sized P.I. on the case of a killer’s plot in this mystery by the author of Every Body.

In San Carmelita, California, private detective  Savannah Reid and her husband are facing their latest challenge: babysitting their newlywed friends’ incredibly fussy infant daughter. But soothing a squalling baby is kid’s stuff compared to the Midnight Magnolia Detective Agency’s latest case. Charismatic actor Ethan Malloy has enlisted the help of Savannah and Co. in a desperate attempt to track down his missing wife and toddler—just before the beloved family nanny gets murdered.

With the police involved and paparazzi swarming at every turn, the discreet search becomes a sensationalized homicide investigation. And some snooping into the complicated private lives of Ethan and his wife tells Savannah that she’s in for a deadly chase. As Savannah dismantles bombshell after bombshell while balancing delicate family matters of her own, she soon finds herself closing in on a terrifying culprit—one who’s willing to do  anything for a moment in the spotlight.

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