Love Is a Four-Legged Word

A heartwarming story of small-town life and love

Melinda Metz

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


From beloved top-dog of furry fiction comes a fresh story of how a chance encounter with a dog on the side of the road can lead to unexpected friendships and even romance.

Riley Bernard is living her best life. After landing a job at a resort in Sedona, Arizona, her goal of working in all fifty states is well underway. Everything is going according to plan—until she sees a scrappy-looking dog limping along 179 South. The poor pooch obviously needs help. Unfortunately, adopting a stray is not part of Riley’s plan. She needs a plan B . . .
Determined to find the dog a home, Riley coaxes him into her car and heads to work at the High Sky Resort. She figures she can stash him in one of the empty guest cabins. But when she sneaks the pooch inside, she’s surprised to find it’s occupied—by a very attractive, nearly naked man, Daniel Acker, who is instantly charmed by the scruffy canine. And Riley, too . . .
With Daniel’s help, Riley tries to find the dog a good home—at the risk of losing her job. Her micro-managing boss has a zero tolerance for trouble. And somehow, Riley seems to attract other animals that need rescuing too, including an injured armadillo. But her biggest problem? The closer she gets to finding that trouble-making dog a home, the more she can’t bear to part with the furry guy. Or a certain human named Daniel. . . .
“Fans of cozy romances will root for these realistic and appealing characters.” —Publishers Weekly on Fox Crossing

“Surpassingly cute story of a matchmaking cat determined to pair off his human with a neighbor through the power of stinky laundry.” —Kirkus Reviews on Talk to the Paw

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