The Cutthroat Countess

Minerva Spencer

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Perfect for fans of Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton books, this fresh and unique Regency-set romance series features heroines who aren’t afraid to compete in a man’s world. A new generation of readers will delight in this witty, thought provoking, always entertaining novel by the critically acclaimed author.

Before Josephine Brown began working as a blade expert for Farnham's Fantastical Female Fayre, she'd never stayed put for long. She'd never had friends, either. Nor had she allowed herself to open her heart to a man. Yet now, as part owner of the circus, she's suddenly forming real friendships. And then there is her attraction to clever, handsome Honorable Elliot Wingate—whose life she happened to save. After forever fleeing her past, the last man she should choose is one who ferrets out secrets on behalf of King and Country . . .

Elliot was fascinated by Jo “Blade” Brown even before he witnessed her lethal gifts, firsthand. He's never met a woman who is such an intoxicating combination of self-sufficiency, beauty, and mystery. He's never been in love before, but there is no denying he's fallen hard. Yet each time Elliot tries to get closer to Jo, she slips farther away. If he reveals what’s in his heart, will he risk driving her away for good?

As their investigation—and her feelings for Elliot—stir up Jo’s deeply buried, extremely dangerous secrets, she'll have to decide whether to run once again, or trust somebody at last . . .

Praise for Minerva Spencer’s Wicked Women of Whitechapel series
“Spencer launches her Wicked Women of Whitechapel Regency series with an outstanding romance based in part on a real historical figure. . . . Spencer ramps up the mystery and the romance in equal measure. . . . This is sure to wow.” – Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW

“Fans of historical romances with strong female characters in non-traditional roles and the men who aren’t afraid to love them won’t be disappointed by this series starter.” – Library Journal STARRED REVIEW

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