Tatum Comes Home

Mica Stone, Tatum Talks

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


With 3.5M TikTok followers, Tatum is a bone-a-fide social media star, and his legions of fans will love this sweet, heartwarming adventure, full of humor and featuring Tatum’s own distinctive voice! For fans of Melinda Metz, Victoria Schade, and Annie England Noblin.

Here’s a few fings I learned on my vacation . . . beef jerkey is delightfoo, hikin is just walkin but for a long time, and if you get into someone’s truck they don’t know where you live also you have to tell them you’re in the truck. Also I fink maybe I wasn’t on vacation?
--excerpt from Tatum’s diary
The late May air is filled with the rich scents of a Maine spring, and Tatum, a sweet, rust-colored rescue dog, is enjoying a trip to the hardware store with his dad when a heavy thunderstorm blows in. Frightened, Tatum scampers off to hide—and buries himself beneath a blanket on a nearby truck.
When Tatum wakes, hungry and confused, he’s hours from home. The truck’s kind owner promises to get him back to his family, but that’ll be no easy feat. Tatum lost his collar during his travels, and with power out because of the storm, the local vet can’t scan for a chip.
But Tatum, with his deep golden eyes and trusting gaze, has a knack for making friends—and for letting humans know exactly what’s on his mind. While his mum and dad do everything they can to track him down, the people Tatum meets on his journey are just as eager to do their part to get him home. And in turn, Tatum has a way of nudging everyone he encounters to overcome hurdles, seek out second chances, and find—or make—the families they need.



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