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Demons Are Real


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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


In this book,Demons Are Real,the author Bishop James T. Johnson,simply exposes the demon spirits for what they really are. Eevil torment from hell,that has no good in them and demons are the most evilest thing that roams on Gods good earth. demons have no good intentions for Gods people,no matter what situation we go threw the devil,and his demons are always there trying to trip you up,in life so that maybe we as Gods people will not believe on the real and true power of (JESUS CHRIST) Our Lord and savior,from the beginning to the end.all we have to do is just believe in his Holy Holy power and we will have victory each,and everytime as we continue to believe in our God that has given us victory over the enemy,our strength comes from our true faith in (JESUS CHRIST) that died on the cross for us and arose from the dead and still lives this day. GOD BLESS YOU ALL, Bishop James T. Johnson P.O. BOX 261. W iggins, Ms. 39577 Email