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Yet Another Little Barton

A Novel Way to Learn Mathematics

Shereen A. Khan, Fayad W. Ali

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Naturwissenschaft, Technik


Yet Another Little Barton Yet Another Little Barton comprises six short stories. Barton and his little friend share early life experiences which transcends school-work. The book is strong on family values, friendship and parent-child relationships. In Miss Mom, Bartons Miss invites the class to make Mothers Day cards for their moms. Barton is confused when he learns that his friend does not have a mom. Together they decide that his card will be given to miss who is just like a Mom. In The answer to all, Barton displays his problem solving skills in response to a test given by his Miss. The test covers word problems involving the four operations, recognition of basic geometrical shapes, number patterns and ordering two digit numbers. The Beautiful Model is a story about Bartons visit to a large department store with his parents. The store has a grand sale and Barton spends all his time in the toys section admiring all the beautiful toys on display. His choice secretly pleases his father. In The Offer Barton was able to convince his Dad to buy him a model airplane. Surprisingly, the store-owner makes an offer to Barton that is difficult to refuse. In The Masterpiece Barton and his friend take up the challenge to build the model airplane on their own. They proudly take their finished masterpiece to the store owner, and were rewarded for their efforts, but more importantly, they learn the value of earning their first dollar. A Whole New Beginning delves into real human emotions as two dear friends have to cope with emotional trauma as they separate. Bartons friend is adopted by strangers and he has to travel to a foreign land. The young boys experience emotions that they do not quite understand, but still vow to remain friends for life.

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