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No Conscience, No Crime

Deborah Crumption Barkley

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Kathryn Patton is an energetic, strong-minded mother of three who is always up for a good mystery. While she barely feels part of her marriage and family, Kathryn earnestly strives to be a devoted young professional climbing toward partnership at her CPA firm. However, feelings of despair and ambivalence, over leaving her small children each day, prevent Kathryn from achieving the career success she desires. When a terrible coincidence traps her inside a whirling, real-life murder mystery, plans change and lives are rerouted to unforeseen destinations. Years of reading whodunit novels and watching mystery movies has scarcely prepared Kathryn with the requisite skills to single-handedly solve the perplexing murderbefore she herself gets convicted of the crime. Apparently, the small town police chief and his crew are not interested in knowing what really happened to the young murder victim who happens to be a senators daughter. The chief seems content as he allows obviously inept employees to frighteningly further force Kathryn toward wrongful conviction. Kathryn investigates seemingly endless layers of interconnections until she finally discovers unequivocal criminal corruption. In the search for truth, Kathryn never waivers; but the ultimate conclusion is far too evil for Kathryn to comprehend.

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