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Raven's Blood

Gil Burgess

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


In Raven's Blood, the main character,Bret Anders, chooses to get away to revitalize himself after a painful breakup. He makes plans to spend Memorial Day weekend at Raven Hall, a gay resort just west of New Hope Pennsylvania. On his first night at the resort he meets Anthony D'Angelo, a handsome, sexy man and the attraction is immediate. That night as Anthony walks Bret to his room, the body of a murdered staff member is discovered near Brett's room. Brett sees someone leaving the area, but can't make out what the individual looks like. The killer, however is able to see Brett clearly under the overhead light over the room door and Brett becomes a target of the man's dark, twisted mind. Within 24 hours, the body of a guest is found in the parking lot of a nearby strip mall, adding to the already tense atmosphere of the resort. While being interviewed by the detective, Brett relates what he saw and the detective, in addition to searching for the killer, now knows he has to protect Brett. As the complex plot evolves, a possible suspect is identified and pursued, but he himself almost becomes a victim and helps in leading the detective to the real killer. Will Brett survive? Will he and Anthony remain together? Will the killer be found and arrested? Raven's Blood explores a significant experience in the life of a man who takes a chance and leaves his comfort zone to find himself thrust into a web of revenge and murder.

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