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Pentamentaly A-Bingo Noetic Notion...Nourishment Necessary Now


Sage Reverence Wiseguy Jack

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Schule und Lernen / Sekundarstufe I


Sage reverence wise guy Jack P.S. I had an extreme inspirational headache when writing the introduction (April1st, 2010). It was the fi rst words in print that now control my never ending religious attempt to do something for society before I say goodbye. PENTAMENT- primordial prose that includes the original concept conclusive concentrated consecutive conjunction of fi ve words alphabetically aphaeresis, alliteration void repetition. I’ve spoken to my nieces and nephews which are A and B students in high school that can’t understand my basic words of encouragement to impel them to continue their educations. For this reason I decided to make the dictionary a short story! With my basic wisdom the dictionary will be abridged to show everyone every word that they will have to see in their lifes! I went to Mott Community College for about 10yrs. that means I have some intellectual capabilities? The only degree acquired is from the school of hard knocks. Flint, Michigan has been my home for the complete 60yrs of my life.

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