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The Major's Bride

Laura Jeffries

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


In 1814, Major Evan Caldwell, half- brother to the Marquess of Thornbourgh, and his friend and associate, Captain Robert Roberts, are attached to the office of the home secretary. They are trying to break up a spy ring that is attempting to restore Napoleon as emperor of France. Evan, meanwhile, is under orders from his brother to marry in order to produce a male heir for the family, although he is reluctant to fulfill that duty and give up the career he loves in order to take his place among the nobility. Penelope Branston, a young widow of the Peninsular War, has no thoughts of remarrying and is content to live with another war widow, Sarah Fitzwilliam, and their two small children. All their lives are thrown into turmoil, however, when Evan and Robert chance upon the attempted abduction of Penelope. They must keep the ladies safe from further abductionsor worsewhile at the same time tracking down the traitors who would restore Napoleon to his empire. Romance complicates the issue, especially when Evans sister-in-law, the marchioness, decides to play matchmaker. Set in Regency England shortly before the Battle of Waterloo, this novel brings together two unlikely lovers in a tale of adventure, mystery, and romance.