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The Food Crew Tales

Volume 1, ‘Olly Orange and Friends’

Jenny Stretton

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Sachbücher / Sachbilderbücher


The tales of the Food Crew characters bring healthy eating to a new level of interest for children and adults alike! Wilf Watermelon finds out how he can learn to float, Gracie Grape discovers which Food Group she belongs to, and Olly Orange is so happy to finally find that, after all, there can be words that rhyme with his name. Caspar Carrot is delighted that all he needs is a bath to join the Leader of the Fruit and Vegetables, Fiva Day and also that he grew from a seed planted under the soil. Charlie Carb shows Paddy Potato that people need starchy foods to provide them with energy. The Food Crew stories have been designed to complement the training provided by Opti-me Limited (, Good Nutrition for Active Children. These will encourage children to experiment with new foods and are underpinned by the Balance of Good Health principles. Each book has a task embedded, such as using the watermelon fruit to make an iced lolly or smoothie and then placing the hollowed out shell into water to see it float, or rhyming words with Olly as there are no English words for orange. Children can identify with Gracie Grape as she is unsure which group she belongs to, but Fiva Day gives her lots of clues for her to work it out and join the friends. A wonderful introduction to good nutrition written in poetry and prose with integral positive health messages.

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