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Who Me? Worthwhile? Yes, You!

A Workbook on Improving Your Self-image

Glenda L. Hunter

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Who Me? Worthwhile? Yes, You! is a workbook to help you evaluate where you stand with yourself. As an abused individual, I feel it necessary to change the way one sees who one is. Many people have a low self-image. We think we are who others say we are, when in fact their view of us might be very wrong. It is easy to see good qualities and value in other people, but when it comes to who we are, the tables can get turned. Our vision is sometimes colored by what hides deep inside. This workbook is designed to help us take a deep look into what makes us the people we are. Emotions play a part in our make-up; therefore, in discussing those, we can better evaluate the true nature of our total being. Looking at Scripture helps us to revaluate who we are in God. It gives us the hope and help needed to better our lives. The Bible also has many quotes and stories that are relevant today. It applies to every emotion we have and lets us know God gave us these feelings. God is there in all that we go through. He can, will, and does help us live through events thought to be too tough to handle. He changes us in ways we only thought we could dream would happen. He gives us value beyond measure. He is the one who ultimately measures our worth.

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