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The Kaleidoscopic Vision of Malcolm Lowry

Souls and Shamans

Nigel H. Foxcroft

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Allgemeine und Vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft


The Kaleidoscopic Vision of Malcolm Lowry: Souls and Shamans is an interdisciplinary investigation of the multifaceted, intuitive insight of international modernist writer Malcolm Lowry through an analysis of a selection of works and correspondence. Nigel H. Foxcroft analyzes his psychogeographic perception of the interconnectedness of East-West cultures and civilizations in terms of pre-Columbian Mesoamerican customs; the Mexican Day of the Dead festival; the Atlantis myth; surrealism; and Russian literary, filmic, and political influences. He traces his intellectual efforts in pursuing philosophical and cosmic knowledge to bridge the gap between the natural sciences and the humanities. This monograph identifies Lowry’s attempts to reintegrate modernism with primitivism in his quest for an elixir of life for the survival of humanity on the brink of global catastrophe, as indicated in In Ballast to the White Sea and Under the Volcano . It also examines his sustained endeavors to attain psychoanalytical atonement with himself and his environment in Ultramarine , Swinging the Maelstrom , “The Forest Path to the Spring,” and October Ferry to Gabriola . It also discusses the odyssey on which Lowry and his literary protagonists embark to connect with the past and to gain a deeper insight into human nature in Dark as the Grave Wherein My Friend is Laid , La Mordida , and “Through the Panama.” Scholars of cultural studies, history, humanities, Latin American studies, literature, and Russian studies will find this book particularly useful.

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Zapotecs, Day of the Dead festival, Valley of Oaxaca, Southern Mexico, Malcolm Lowry