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Examining Millennials Reshaping Organizational Cultures

From Theory to Practice

Ahmet Atay (Hrsg.), Mary Z. Ashlock (Hrsg.)

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In From Theory to Practice: Examining Millennials Reshaping Organizational Cultures , contributors to the collection focus on several interrelated issues. They examine the ways in which the members of the millennial generation influence how we work and communicate with our millennial students, colleagues and employees. They also elaborate on how to create work-life balance for the members of the millennial generation and explore ways in which millennials can be open and responsive to others in a society who don’t necessarily share the values, political views or desires of the millennial generation, nor the ways in which they prefer to communicate.

This collection engages in a scholarly dialogue about millennials and how their actions within the workplace and needs within organizational cultures and everyday performances influence our communication with them. With equal importance, it addresses the question of how millennials can become more adaptable in their communication with others in society, especially within organizations with different generations, or cultures that may or may not communicate the way they do. Contributors suggest that the millennial culture should be carefully studied by employers, instructors, and researchers to create a better workplace experience, and to also improve the level of communication among different generations in the workplace.

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