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Conflict Transformation, Peacebuilding, and Storytelling

Research from the Mauro Centre

Katerina Standish (Hrsg.), Chuck Thiessen (Hrsg.), Laura E. Reimer (Hrsg.)

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Politikwissenschaft


This book serves as an important link between conflict resolution practice and education by providing research from the unique perspective and approach of the Arthur V. Mauro Centre for Peace and Justice, one of the world’s leading academic programs for PACS research: storytelling, peacebuilding, and conflict transformation. Each chapter presents original research in critical issues in the field of PACS, and provides recent research for the future development of the field and the education of its practitioners and academics. The book has a wide audience targeting students at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate levels. It also extends to those working in and leading community conflict resolution efforts as well as humanitarian aid workers. Exploring the issues facing the field provides a means by which academics, students, and practitioners can develop theory, practice, pedagogy, and methodology to confront the complexity of contemporary conflicts while expanding opportunities for future research and practice. Contributors to the book are recognized scholars and practitioners in their respective fields. The authors’ take a holistic approach to the study, analysis, and resolution of conflict at the personal, interpersonal, societal and cultural levels. The book is a retrospective of the Mauro Centre and through its content, explores the roots of a major contributor to PACS scholarship. The scholarship represents those who come to the PACS field with a diversity of ideas, approaches, disciplinary roots, and topic areas, which speaks to the complexity, breadth, and depth needed to apply and take account of conflict dynamics and the goal of peace. This book reflects the unique model and approach of the Arthur V. Mauro Centre for Peace and Justice at the University of Manitoba in central Canada: conflict transformation, peacebuilding, and storytelling. Based in the doctoral theses and in celebration of the first decade of Canada’s only doctoral program in PACS, this volume, co-edited by three of the graduates of the program and written by colleagues, presents and explores a number of these issues while presenting new and leading research across the broad spectrum of Peace and Conflict Studies.