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Why Communist China isn’t Collapsing

The CCP’s Battle for Survival and State-Society Dynamics in the Post-Reform Era

Feng Sun, Wanfa Zhang

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This book is a comprehensive synthesis of how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has fought on various fronts for survival since the reform refuting the China Collapse thesis by scrutinizing current realities, the proactive strategies adopted by the CCP and the critical role of traditional political culture, and the international environment in shaping state-society dynamics in China.

More importantly, the book conducts a deep analysis of the reasons that this authoritarian regime could act responsively and progressively. The CCP possesses strong vigilance and adaptability assets which have helped it survive various crises over the past decades. This book scrutinizes the Chinese cultural environment as well as the political perception and economic interests of major social actors presumed to be forces with potential power to topple the regime. Both the state-dependency resulting from a late developer context and the elements of collectivism and “rule by virtue” in traditional Chinese culture play critical roles in shaping public attitudes toward the CCP regime.

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