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Teaching and Learning Chinese as a Second or Foreign Language

Emerging Trends

Ko-Yin Sung (Hrsg.)

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Teaching and Learning Chinese as a Second or Foreign Language , edited by Ko-Yin Sung, addresses three emerging themes in the field of Chinese language teaching and learning. (1) Increasingly ubiquitous in all language learning and teaching, and for the learning of Chinese as a second language in particular, information and communication technology (ICT) can serve as an important and effective tool. Several chapters focus on how certain emerging ICT tools are applied in teaching and learning Chinese as a second language. (2) Due to China’s economic and political influence, the number of students of all ages studying Chinese as a second language—but especially young learners—has increased in many parts of the world. Despite this, the research into teaching Chinese to young learners has lagged behind. Several chapters investigate young learners’ motivations and effective methods for assisting them to master the Chinese language. (3) The writing system of the Chinese language poses many challenges for learners, especially those more familiar with alphabetical languages. In light of this difficulty in learning Chinese characters, some of the chapters identify effective teaching and learning strategies to master the Chinese language.

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