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Freedom and Economic Order

Capitalism and Socialism in Theory and Practice

Linda C. Raeder

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Freedom and Economic Order is the second of three volumes comprising a comprehensive study of freedom and American society. The book explores the economic dimension of freedom as historically conceived within American constitutional order and examines the two major modern economic paradigms, capitalism and socialism, from both utilitarian and moral perspectives. Topics include the theory and practice of both capitalism (the market process) and socialism (the planned economy); the Marxist critique of capitalism; the conceptions of justice and social justice correlative to capitalism and socialism, respectively; and the ethics of wealth redistribution. Volume I, Freedom and Political Order, examines the meaning of freedom and the legal and political dimensions of American liberal democracy. Volume III, Limited Government and the Death of God, explores the historical rise of freedom in the West and various modern and postmodern threats to the preservation and vitality of the free society.

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