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An Instrument of Peace

The Full-Circled Life of Ambassador Guillermo Belt Ramírez

Daniel I. Pedreira

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This book presents a meticulously-researched biography on Guillermo Belt Ramírez, one of Cuba’s most important diplomats of the 20th century. As Ambassador, Belt represented his homeland in the United States and the Soviet Union as the Cold War turned wartime allies into enemies. He also represented a generation of diplomats who, after bearing witness to the horrors of war, had the resolve to join to create the United Nations and regional organizations such as the Organization of American States. Belt’s success in the diplomatic and political spheres were met with the pain and hardship of exile. Thanks to his faith, the love of his family, and an unwavering sense of patriotism, Belt persevered, maintaining his passion for Cuba’s democratic values and ideals until his passing. In doing so, he became a respected and sought after voice for Cuban exiles in Washington’s diplomatic and government circles. This book explores several key questions:

• Who was Guillermo Belt and what role did he play in Cuban politics and diplomacy?

• What was Cuba’s role in world affairs during and after World War II?

• How does Cuba’s diplomatic history help explain current U.S.-Cuban relations within a broader political and historical context as reflected by Ambassador Belt’s life?

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