A Most Unusual Crime Drama

Michael Harris

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Belletristik / Dramatik


Sedona is well-known as a very spiritual place. It is also known as a congregation ground for crystal crunchers, self-proclaimed visionaries, and mystics. There are a few true healers here, but they shun the media and the publicity that others come here to seek. Two of them feel a shift in balance one evening and know something bad has come to this healing spot again. A father-and-son serial killer team was stopped in Sedona on the way north to Canada a few years ago. The two healers, with help from Sam the coydog, were instrumental in putting Willy and George behind bars. One of the killers has escaped and is planning revenge on those who put him away. This story is about what happens when this evil person, with the help of a fellow escapee, comes to Sedona with revenge on his mind.

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