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Anxious Writings of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Years

One Hundred English-Styled Sonnets and One Memorial Poem

The Virgin Poet

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


Some have said that poetry has died. Im trying to help bring it fresh renewal in the public eye. I used to write more in Spanish when I was charmed by a vigorous Mexican girl who didnt speak English. For a while I would think that contemporary English could not be as romantic, but thats not determined by the essence of the language but by the essence of the poetry representing it. I hope that this poetry book will exhibit the elegance of the English language and that it will revisit the English sonnet form while acknowledging several cultures of the Americas and foreign to the United States, my place of origin. I also hope that it provides an appealing interpretation of some current issues. Fourthly, the variance in cultural influence should exemplify the changing vibrations in this nation. Hispanic culture has especially taken a large role in the recent United States as the Hispanic population has been growing rapidly. The importance of indigenous peoples in giving richness to the history of the West is visited upon as well. Overall, nature is viewed as a wondrous creation.