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How to Make Boys Cry with Lavenders

Herika L.M.

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


"How to Make Boys Cry with Lavenders" is a novel based on Curren Becker, a hard-hearted, self-determined young man from Queens with a complex for anything German. Curren who, amid the waves of trials to his career and few relationships, remains resilient, but, with a toll on his calloused, while seemingly flawless and urbane character.As a successful businessman and innovative inventor, Curren had neither room nor benefit for vulnerability. Like his past, emotions are best buried into oblivion and best saved for lavenders, with which he has developed an unfounded dependence on, if not love. The story of Curren is set in 21st century Hamburg in Germany. Curren's odyssey for lavenders leads him to the arms of a young woman and his forgotten past in Simiane-la-Rotonde.The story unravels an interesting perspective on the fragile side of a seemingly cold character Curren, and answers the questions of what makes a man, and what unmakes one. The novel flows to build mood and cohesion through glances of both Becker's past and future to gain an understanding of how his character developed at the present time. The story is not about a man, but about the reconciliation of a man with himself. Lavenders, which were the sole recipients of his affections, will piece together Curren Becker's life leading to an interesting turn of events.