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Nature beyond Solitude

Notes from the Field

John Seibert Farnsworth

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Ratgeber / Naturführer


John Seibert Farnsworth's delightfuleld notes are not only about nature, but from nature as well. In Nature beyond Solitude, Farnsworth lets us peer over his shoulder as he takes his notes. We follow him to a series of field stations where he teams up with scientists, citizen scientists, rangers, stewards, and graduate students engaged in long-term ecological study, all the while scribbling down what he sees, hears, and feels in the moment. With humor and insight, Farnsworth explores how communal experiences of nature might ultimately provide greater depths of appreciation for the natural world.

In the course of his travels, Farnsworth visits the Hastings Natural History Reservation, the Santa Cruz Island Reserve, the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory, the H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest, the North Cascades Environmental Learning Center, and more.

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ecological studies, field stations, environmental research, natural history, nature writing