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Care 2 Chat?

Sidney S. Livingston

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Iris Fillmore, a married career woman, felt her marriage had become somewhat stale, so she decided to go into the world of cyberspace. She had heard a lot about chat rooms but never thought they were for her, but now she felt like she needed something different in her life. So she began frequenting adult chat rooms and joined Chat World. She was very popular and in demand lol. But was she looking for love? Shes married! After all, did she even know what she was really looking for? One thing for sure, she loves the uninhibited atmosphere of the adult chat rooms, so much so that she keeps going back for more and more ahhhhhhh! Guys were always asking her, Care 2 chat? Well, she was always ready for a chat c2c! LMAO But as per Iris, she said, Feel free to explore the chat rooms, but do not make it home. Do not let the chat room take you away from your significant other. Always know if you are sitting at the dining room table with the laptop chatting, that you are in the house, but ask yourself: Am I home? Take it from Iris and know you are home. Make your house a home . . . filled with sweet love!

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