Reflections of Duality

Mayan Aries

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


My name is Mayan Aries. I am a middle aged woman who began a spiritual transformation, of sorts, back in 2011. I was trapped in the 3rd dimensional world of judgement and labels. I had turned into a robot, conforming to societys expectations, appearing normal and fine, while living my life in silent numbness. I had lost track of my life. I lost touch with my creative side and had closed my heart to the world around me. Working long hours in my home office, alone, I began a unique awakening to memories of my past life roots of being an ancient Mayan warrior. I had begun to experience strange communications with native ancestors from the past, in the form of day dreams and night terrors. I was experiencing them for months, waking up in cold sweats, and sometimes covered in bruises. I was hearing the echoes of their voices sometimes while listening to certain music. It drew me into studying native history, the animals, trees, and mother earth in general. I was compelled to search for missing meaning in my life. I also felt extremely concerned for the future of our planet and felt that somehow I needed to try to do something to aid positive change.

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