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Background Check

Redz Johnson

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I am writing this book to awake the world. Dont trust anyone, and for the safety of your own life and family, please do a background check before you get to know any man or woman. I have lived a hard life, and through the grace of God, I was blessed to miss death so many times. I know it wasnt my time, and I believe it wasnt Takias time either or Monicas, but with these crazy ass men out here carrying bad feelings for their mother and anyone else that hurt them. You can be that victim, ladies, so be careful of how you live your life with these men that we meet and not wondering where there from and who they were before they met you. Be careful, everyone. This is from the deepest of my heart. Be nosy and ask questions, even look them up doing an instant background check just for safety and security of your life and your familys life.

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